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Italian Baja. The results in brief…

Monday, 18 March 2013 05:39

Since 2009 there was no Italian baja without G-Force Motorsport on the podium. The team is the absolute favorite of the race and enjoys the desirable popularity among the local people. This year G-Force Motorsport team supported by G-Energy - the premium engine oils brand – was represented on the baja, that was celebrating its 20th anniversary, by two crews: Boris Gadasin/Alexey Kuzmich and Vladimir Vasilyev/Vitaly Yevtyekhov.

The year did not become an exception for G-Force cars on the podium: Bogdan Novitskiy with his G-Force Proto came third in T1.1.

Due to the different interpretations of cross country regulations the G-Force crews faced the numerous obstacles  and were allowed to start only on the second day of the race. Despite this, Boris Gadasin and Vladimir Vasilyev managed to demonstrate their mastery of driving and the potential of G-Force cars. Boris won four SSs, once came second and was third twice during the race, and Vladimir came second on a SS. Unfortunately, there were technical problems, too: in one of the numerous fords a brake disk splintered on Boris’ car and as a result the steering rack was damaged, also a hard landing after a jump lead to the transmission linkage of Vladimir’s car breakage. Those were the reasons for the crews to miss 2 SSs on Saturday and no chances left for them to finish on the podium. Vladimir Vasilyev decided not to start on Sunday while Boris Gadasin started in order to demonstrate the team capabilities.

The official results of the Italian baja will be announced only after the team appeal would be considered. The team appeals to adjudicate the non-admission for the crews to start as inequitable.

The provisional results for the first three:


Full results of the 1st round of the cross country World Cup >>>

P.S. Since G-Force program in Italy included more than the race, tomorrow the team will continue the new prototype tests on the Italian tracks as well as the team mechanics will repair the cars. But that is not the end of the story of this baja. Follow the news!

Photo: Mikhail Lastochkin, Alexandr Lesnikov