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Dakar 2013. Carlos Sainz got compensation of 20 minutes

Monday, 07 January 2013 11:44

Stephane Peterhansel finished as a leader after two stages. But there was a problem with GPS navigation at that 75th km for many of the crews. The checkpoint was not catched by the devices on the cars. So Carlos Sainz managed to prove the Sporting Stewards that was not the crew’s mistake. So his result was improved with 20 minutes off  - for the time he lost while looking for the point. So now Carlos Sainz is leading!

But  there’s the brainteaser why other competitors did not get similar time compensation.

Also there’s no information about a penalty of 1 hour Nasser Al-Attiyah got and about his position with 9 hours and 7 minutes gap from the leader...

Car positions after 2 days>>>

The second stage of Dakar 2013 will be remembered also with a press car loss. The car turned over and burnt down. The journalists managed to get out but all their things and documents were burnt. Information at first-hand (Only in Russian)>>>

Stay tuned!