G-Force Motorsport

Boris GADASIN - driver

Борис Гадасин

Merited master of sports in Russia;

Driver on the priority list of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) – the world motorsport's governing body – since 2007;

Two-times winner of the FIA International Cup for Cross-Country Bajas (2007 and 2009);

Winner of the World Cup for rally-raids in the teams' classification (2012);

Eight-times Russian champion in different autosport series (driver);

Seven-times Russian champion in different autosport series (teams);

Winner of international races:
- Oman Desert Express 2006
- Italian Baja 2007, 2009, 2011
- Northern Forest Baja - Baja Russia 2009, 2010
- Hungarian Baja 2010, 2012
- Silk Way Rally 2012
Winner and podium finisher at more than one hundred of Russian and international competitions.

Boris Gadasin was born in Leningrad (ex.St.Petersburg) in 1972. He graduated from the math and mechanics faculty of the Saint-Petersburg State University. Since 2009 he is the general director and a co-owner of G-Force Motorsport, LLC. He has been competing in different autosport series since 1995: track and circuit racing, car racing combined events, trials, rallies, off-road driving (trophy raids) and rally-raids. During his career in Russian trophy- and rally-raids he managed to win all major events. Until 2011 Boris combined participation in races with activities in organization of national autosport events, including heading the committee for trophy-raids within the Russian Automobile Federation.

For a long time Boris used to compete behind the wheel of Mitsubishi and Nissan cars, Bowler Wildcar prototypes. However, a run of several successful seasons in rally-raids at the international level convinced Boris that the capabilities of vehicles available for him in the market were quite limited. And so the idea of building self-designed prototypes was born. Gadasin founded his own team G-Force Motorsport and launched a project that still has no match – he privately built in Russia a competition vehicle that was able to put up a fight against factory crews.

The whole 2009 year was devoted to preparation and refinement of the first vehicle, in which Boris participated at international races and thus tested it in real conditions. The outcome result was impressive – from the first up until the last round Gadasin led the Bajas series to take his career's second FIA International Cup.

After the triumph of Boris Gadasin and G-Force Motorsport in the Russian Championship in 2010 the next step was participation in the revived World Cup for rally-raids 2011. His debut season in the series brought 3rd place in the overall classification – both for the driver and for the team – and prepared ground for setting a highly ambitious aim for 2012 – to win the teams' classification in the World Cup. Successful performances by Gadasin at the events in Hungary, Spain and Portugal contributed to G-Force Motorsport finishing ahead of the works BMW squad and becoming the world's best team in 2012.

Boris didn't take part in Russian competitions in 2012, for one exception – the prestigious and difficult SilkWay marathon renowned as the Russian Dakar. Winning that race became one of Boris Gadasin's greatest sport achievements in his illustrious career. It was also the first time in the event's history that the overall victory was taken by a Russian crew.