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The third stage of the World Cup: G-Force Motorsport does not participate

Monday, 22 April 2013 22:34

Just to remind: there was an outrageous case when the G-Force Motorsport was not allowed to start in Italy for the first stage of the World Cup due to the various readings of the FIA regulations. This forced the team to appeal on the officials’ wrong acts. As a result, the Stewarts of the Meeting of the Italian Baja delayed the decision of non-allowance coming into effect so the team’s crews entered the race on day 2.

The changes in reading of the regulations was not only surprising but occurred to be selective – applied to G-Force Protos only. And the story seems to be far from its ending. The reasonability of G-Force Motorsport to participate in the next World Cup stages was up in the air so the team missed the second stage. But yet before all this story began, one of G-Force cars was sent to Qatar so the team decided Vladimir Vasilyev’s crew to apply for participating in the SEALINE CROSS COUNTRY RALLY 2013.

After the crew passed successfully through the administrative checks the car was presented for the scrutineering. And again, like he did in Italy, the FIA Technical Delegate declared the inconsistency with the general prescriptions in the matter of the air restrictor diameter. That became the reason not to allow the crew to start. The team’s protest was considered by the Stewards but the Clerk of the Course decision was left the same.

The team comes back to St Petersburg and is waiting for the Court of Appeal hearings scheduled for April 24th.

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