G-Force Motorsport

Gold of Kagan 2013: Test day

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 00:06

Tuesday, April 16th, was an official test and training day before the start of the stage 2 of Cross Country Championship and Cup of Russia that will take place in Astrakhan region. G-Force Motorsport team supported with the premium motor oil brand G-Energy took part in the training with its 4 crews that will compete in the race. 

Vladimir Vasilyev and Victor Volikov were busy with usual adjusting their cars for the track surface while Sergey Fomin experienced his first driving of G-Force Proto in off-road conditions. Every crew made around 100 or 200 kilometers in their racing pace, and all the racers were satisfied with the test day. Boris Gadasin made the greatest bulk of work: he had to be driving in turns every sport car of the team including the T4 truck. Roman Briskindov’s debut in a co-driver’s seat  of the new Proto was considered a success, Roman was impressed with the new car potential.

Photo: Svetlana Shakhova