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Dakar 2013. Day 11: VIDEO - Top moments

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 23:36


The last crew to pass the CP1 (a river wade) was that of Boris Gadasin and Alexey Kuzmich (#348). We already know from their quotes that they overcame an obstacle without any difficulties. Later (about 60 kilometers after) organizers stopped them and informed that the special was halted and nobody else could drive through.

Just have a look...

Vladimir Vasilyev (#331) comments: When we reached the flooded place the water was rising right in front of our eyes. We managed to cross one river but the next was too strong. We finally crossed it, too, but got a shock and had our cardan broken. Leonid Novitskiy was driving behind us but he followed another trace and overtook us. And next there was the third river… Novitskiy chose the same rut as the other drivers and his car was taken away by the water. The water covered him up to the roof! Kostya (Konstantin) Zhiltsov jumped out of the car and right that moment he became teared away. Leonid throwed him a rope  and somehow they managed to help Kostya and get him out. Next it was a great difficulty to tear their car out of the river, and the car was all over covered with sand, just every inch.

The helicopter was trying to get a buggy out of the river but could not do this. The river went boisterous except jokes! The flow was so tough to take great rocks, more than half a meter in diameter, down the river. Such a rumble it was! We shot a video, we’ll show it when we’ll have a possibility.

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