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Dakar 2013. Day 10. Finish in Top 10!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 23:40


Stage 10 of Dakar 2013 is finishing. The day brought no surprise in overall but G-Force Motorsport crews got the excellent results: Boris Gadasin and Alexey Kuzmich (#348) came 7th, and Vadimir VAsilyev and Vitaliy Yevtyekhov (#331) came 8th!

Boris Gadasin (driver, #348): A very technical and interesting special, like yesterday. A little bit more “halty” due to tougher serpentines. We started from a better position so it was more comfortable because the first 10 cars left with 3 minutes margins and we had only 2 cars before us that started in 1 minute margins, so it was less dust. And the cars before us were going faster than yesterday. Although since 18th km we caught up with dust but we decided not to attack, we slowed down and left a comfortable distance to the dust. So during all the 350 kilometers we just had fun. The only thing not pleasant, at the end of the special about 50 kilometers to finish we had to go together with bikes, they rode in groups and left lots of dust, not less then cars. The curtain of dust did not let us see what was happening. Those last 50 kilometers were a torment.

Vitaliy Yevtyekhov (co-driver #331): The day was very similar to yesterday, such a 353 kilometers long World Cup rally special. It was difficult to keep the pace because the track type changed often, from wide and not very winding roads to narrow and twisty parts. There were rocks, tracing ruts, serpentines with a bluff on one side and a rock wall on the other. It was not easy for the pilot to keep the optimal pace. About 200 kilometers everything was nice, no dust, but then we met Sousa, he had some trouble, maybe changed a wheel. When they saw us arriving the crew jumped into their car with no helmets on the heads and harnesses not fastened and rushed to rise dust in front of us. We made an attempt to send the Sentinel signal to them but nobody answered. For the next 500 meters we heard the distress signal from Sentinel before they turned it off. Then we began to catch up with other cars and the dust was thick till the very finish. However, quite a lucky day, not a single puncture, everything was good…


Orlando Terranova (#313) celebrated his first victory on a special. Although his position in Dakar 2013 overall stayed the same but it’s the news of the day for his home country Argentina! Leonid Novitsky  (#307) was not successful in his attempts of overtaking the incompliant bikers, also he changed a wheel so  he lost almost 15 minutes. Guerlain Chicherit (#309) lost almost 20 minutes and Carlos Sousa (#308) driving the Chinese Great Wall lost 23'38".

A crash on the special (Gert Huzink #346):

Stephane Peterhansel (#302) came third and added 3 minutes to the margin behind him to his nearest chaser Giniel De Villers (#301) who came 4th. Definitely Peterhansel has everything under his control and just can go with no rush.

Cars standings (first five) after 10 stages:

Pos. Name Mark Time variation Penalty
1 302 PETERHANSEL (FRA) MINI 28:12:00 - -
2 301 DE VILLIERS (ZAF) TOYOTA 29:04:38 0:52:38 -
3 307 NOVITSKIY (RUS) MINI 29:20:40 1:08:40 -
4 305 ROMA (ESP) MINI 29:46:04 1:34:04 -
5 313 TERRANOVA (ARG) BMW 30:10:49 1:58:49 -
17 331 VASILJEV (RUS) G-FORCE PROTO 33:28:19 5:16:19 -
21 348 GADASIN (RUS) G-FORCE PROTO 35:06:47 6:54:47 -

Full results in cars after 10 stages>>>

About other categoriens in brief.


Gerard De Rooy (#500), the former leader in trucks,  had lots of troubles yesterday and did not manage to lead today’s special. He started outside the first ten and got stuck in the dust of previous trucks. It is practically impossible to overtake anybody on a narrow track and even the compulsory Sentinel does not help. A competitor who hears the Sentinel signal must give the way to the crew that is overtaking him. The French organizers pay no attention to the multiple violations, also the road conditions do not let to come close enough to “attack” with Sentinel…

Today KAMAZ won again! Andrey Karginov (#510) brought more than 3.5 minutes to the chaser and raised up to position 4 after 10 stages. Ales Loprais (#503) got a puncture, Martin Kolomy (#501) had some problems, too. Eduard Nikolaev (#501) was 4th at the finish and Ayrat Mardeev (#505) came 6th. KAMAZ feels like home on the Argentinian bumpy roads!

First five trucks after 10 stages:

1 501 NIKOLAEV (RUS) KAMAZ 27:59:31 - -
2 506 KOLOMY (CZE) TATRA 28:31:54 0:32:23 -
3 505 MARDEEV (RUS) KAMAZ 28:33:41 0:34:10 -
4 510 KARGINOV (RUS) KAMAZ 28:54:32 0:55:01 -
5 500 DE ROOY (NLD) IVECO 29:01:37 1:02:06 -

Full results in trucks>>>

The result of the day for bikes was quite predictable. Cyril Despres finished second and became leader.

First five bikes after 10 stages:

1 1 DESPRES (FRA) KTM 30:47:04 - 0:15:00
2 11 FARIA (PRT) KTM 30:48:41 0:01:37 -
3 7 LOPEZ (CHL) KTM 31:00:45 0:13:41 -
4 32 JAKES (SVK) KTM 31:05:25 0:18:21 -
5 17 BOTTURI (ITA) HUSQVARNA 31:11:29 0:24:25 0:15:00

Full results in bikes>>>

In quads the Argentinian Marcos Patronelly (#250) lets nobody to attack him. Probably he will change the engine soon to avoid possible troubles. A 15-minutes penalty is nothing for him.

First five quads after Stage 10:

1 250 PATRONELLI (ARG) YAMAHA 34:31:47 - -
2 254 CASALE (CHL) YAMAHA 35:59:34 1:27:47 -
3 253 SONIK (POL) YAMAHA 36:37:38 2:05:51 -
4 252 LASKAWIEC (POL) YAMAHA 37:31:20 2:59:33 0:15:00
5 263 PALMA (CHL) CAN-AM 37:41:25 3:09:38 -

Full results in quads after Stage 10>>>

Tomorrow the competitors meet dunes again. This time it is Fiambala desert. Last year it was sopped with water, the rains made the organizers to change the day route.  Let's wait for tomorrow and we'll see...

Stage 11 map for bikes and quads:

Stage 11 map for cars and trucks:

Bike/quad profile:

Car/truck profile:

It's a pity that Nasser Al-Attiyah has left... No, he did not went home. He is most likely to be found among the spectators at Rally Monte Carlo (WRC) that starts on Wednesday.

Follw the news!

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Photo: Mickhail Lastochkin, G-Force Motorsport and www.dakar.com