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Dakar 2013. Day 9. KAMAZ is leading!

Monday, 14 January 2013 22:05

Front-pager: Eduard Nikolaev is leading in trucks! Gerard De Rooy met a lot of problems that stopped him several times, first the turbine, then steering wheel, finally the puncture. David Casteu collided into… a cow and lost his position. Marcos Patronelly still has the situation ander his control. Al-Attiyah lost his luck. A good day for G-Force Motorsport.

КАМАЗ, Эдуард Николаев - Дакар-2013

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Though the trucks were not the first to start today, they were the first at finish because  drove only 293 kilometers of special while other categories had to drive 593. And the just trucks became the main newsmakers of the day.

Live info: Gerard De Rooy (#500) who had been leading in trucks stopped at 76 km of the special due to the turbine issues. He had to wait for his assistance (teammate crew) and lost about 45 precious minutes. The next stop was caused by the steering wheel fault. Again time lost. It’s quite natural trying to redeem the time but in his case this ended in puncture. All those disasters led De Rooy to the 59th line at finish, 1:25'38" behind the leader and the 4th in overall. Now 59 minutes and 56 seconds separate him from Eduard Nikolaev (№501)! The Russian finished 6th today and nevertheless becomes first in overall! What’s more, the third line is occupied with KAMAZ, too! There’s Ayrat Mardeev (#505). And Andrey Karginov (#510) is the fifth. The difference between the 1st and the 5th is only 1 hour and 4 seconds. It seems the Dakar is here again!

Dakar 2013: the leading group in trucks (after 9 stages):

Pos. Name Mark Time variation Penalty
1 501 NIKOLAEV (RUS) KAMAZ 23:10:20 - -
2 506 KOLOMY (CZE) TATRA 23:28:16 0:17:56 -
3 505 MARDEEV (RUS) KAMAZ 23:43:52 0:33:32 -
4 500 DE ROOY (NLD) IVECO 24:10:16 0:59:56 -
5 510 KARGINOV (RUS) KAMAZ 24:10:24 1:00:04 -
6 503 LOPRAIS (CZE) TATRA 24:41:57 1:31:37 -
7 509 VERSLUIS (NLD) MAN 25:00:21 1:50:01 0:01:00

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The Argentinian rider Marcos Patronelly (#250) has everything under his control.  There's nothing new in quads. Except for Sarel Van Biljon's (#277) misfortune: up to this minute (2:30 Moscow time) he has not reached the finish line and so he lost his 3rd place in overall after Stage 9.

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David Casteu (#10) finished the day with a mishap. He collided a cow and injured his shoulder that led to a loss of 20 minutes. The accident influenced either the second part of the special for him: the fuel tank was damaged. So he finished as low as 113th with delay of over 2 hours.

French rider Cyril Despres (#1) had to change the gear box again so he got 15 minutes of penalty. Nobody knows what lended him wings today – the Red Bull or the sponsorship, but he won the stage with 4 minutes over the Spaniard Joan Barreda Bort (#5).   Though The first after the special was Despres’ teammate Ruben Faria (#11) from Portugal and Despres still claims ‘Hey, here I am!’ He is likely to be even more quick and courageous now especially as Faria declares fairly  that he is ready to help Despres in winning one more Dakar.

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A great failure was the day for Nasser Al-Attiyah (#300). Various mechanical issues stopper him several times and he finally said farewell to good results just 4 kilometers before finish!

Giniel De Villiers (#301) also lost a lot of time but managed to finish 9th with 10 minutes margin.   And Stéphane Peterhansel (#302) who was the second today now has a benefit of 49 minutes in overall. It looks like a Sunday punch!

Despite Leonid Novitsky (#307) finished 7th today, he now entered the first three in overall and the Spaniard Nani Roma (#305) is less than 1 minute behind him though he came first today.

The day was lucky for G-Force Motorsport team. Vladimir Vasilyev and Vitaliy Yevtyekhov (#331) became 11th and just 7 seconds faster than the 12th place that Boris Gadasin and Alexey Kuzmich (#348) occupied. Now Vladimir Vasilyev changed his position from 21st to 18th and Boris Gadasin moved up from 24th to 21st line in overall.

Boris Gadasin (driver, #348): It was a hard but interesting day. Mostly mountain serpentines, less fast twisted tracks. Quite a long and a serious day just the same I like. Unfortunately there was a lot of dust. The organizers let only the first ten cars to start in 3 minutes margin, all others start in a minute. So it immediately  becomes like a train-set. Today’s tracks were just like this, buggies go slow there so cars behind them were slowed down. Alas, it’s the reverse of the coin for the rally with a long starting list.

Vladimir Vasilyev (driver, #331): I like this special. The track was twisted, 3D, beautiful! Very soon we ran into the dust after Boris Gadasin! At first we didn’t want to take a risk of overtaking him but then ventured and got a tyre off the wheel. While we were changing the wheel, three cars passed by. After that we managed to overtake only one buggy. The dust was so thick we could not get closer to a fore-coming car for a distance of attack. About 350 kilometers we followed the dust of #317. We were sending him Sentinel signals but it all was in vain, he did not let us pass. Once we were almost to bump him or to take the Sentinel and nock his window with the device! No possibilities of overtaking at all…

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The next stage brings 353 kilometers of special for cqars and trucks and 357 kilometers for bikes and quads. Will anyone follow the wrong trace again?..

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