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Dakar 2013. Men in red

Thursday, 10 January 2013 18:06

When darkness fell down the Arica bivouac, some men in red with sacks in their hands arrived at G-Force team site. Do you think they were Santas? Not at all! They appeared to be scrutineering officers. And the reason for this visit was the only fact that crew #348 Gadasin/Kuzmich firmly occupied their place in first ten in Dakar 2013 overall.

The men in red took the seals out of their sacks and after a few minutes almost all units in G-Force Proto were sealed. The visitors’ energetic work scared G-Force team mechanics: what if the men put seals on the wheels, too? But nothing bad happened.

On one hand this evet could be considered an organizers’ compliment and the provement of the crew’s high level but the other hand it brings extra difficulties to the car service works.

The Vasilyev’s Proto still stay untouched by the “Santas”… For a while… Hope they soon come for this car, too!


Mikhail Lastochkin

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