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G-Force Motorsport: Short interviews, stage 4

Tuesday, 08 January 2013 21:38

G-Force Motorsport pilots speak about the special at the finish line.

Boris Gadasin/Alexey Kuzmich (#348) – position 15.

Vladimir Vasilyev/Vitaly Yevtyekhov (#331) - position 21 after the stage

Boris Gadasin: The special was maybe even more interesting than the previous, with less sand, but we happen to “take a seat” (to get stuck) for two times. The first was my fault, I hadn’t manage to pull out the car, and next we nearly stumbled upon De Rooy, his truck got stuck, and we stopped. Then we lowered the tyre pressure and went on normally.   When the surface changed from sands we pumped up the tyres again and then just enjoyed driving, were only performing the task…

Alexey Kuzmich: I agree, the more interesting day and more difficult as well. The special was alternating, very beautiful, we were blasting about 15 kilometers along the ocean and scaring away any pelicans or cormorants. A very nice picture, the very edge of water, the pace over 160 km per hour… Then there were lots of killing hillocks, somewhere we saw Carlos Sainz already his helmet off and not fussing around his car.  By and large we are happy. Finally it became apparent that the Dakar started …

Vladimir Vasilyev became 21st at the finish. We drove through calmly, everything was fine. It’s not very comfortable to start with a 30-seconds interval. The dust does not settle down, you can see nothing. We got stuck for two times, once we were near to bump into a Chinese car that got stuck on a slope so we stopped too. But everything is OK – we’re in the race!

Andrey Cherednikov's car is still on the track. Unfortunately, there are some problems...

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