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G-Force Motorsport: Quotes at the finish line. Day 3

Monday, 07 January 2013 23:28

After finishing the 3rd stage G-Force Motorsport sportsmen tell us about the day.

Boris Gadasin’s crew came 8th.

Boris Gadasin: The special was more interesting than yesterday, good sand for skilful drivers. It was very pleasant to drive. Though we had less pleasure because of too low pressure we chose for the tyres, we understood this later. And we had not to slide, to drive carefully. We saw Vladimir Vasilyev on the track, rear left wheel off. Hope nothing serious to them. He will tell us the details himself after finish.  

Alexey Kuzmich: It was more complicated than yesterday. Big height differences, dunes more sharp and so they were more difficult to read. The sand was softer, maybe it simply dried out, but it was more difficult than yesterday. Middle part of the track was killing at all: rocks, we rode calmly, with no hurry. Everything is OK...

We are awaiting of Vladimir Vasilyev and Andrey Cherednikov at the finish line.

Stay tuned!

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