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G-Force Motorsport: First day Quotes

Sunday, 06 January 2013 12:12

At the first day finish on Dakar 2013 our pilots share there experiences:

Vitaly Yevtyekhov (co-driver of Vladimir Vasilyev, crew #331): The first special stage is 13 km in all (so called Prologue). The SS is entirely sandy with small dunes, we passed it very nattily without a single jump, and to be the 24th at finish – great! We’ll wheel into the race bit by bit, we have to find our own tempo. We are for the first time at Dakar so we should be very careful!

Alexey Kuzmich (co-driver of Boris Gadasin, crew #348): The morning was bouncy and a bit nervous. There’s many a thousand miles ahead so how could anyone stay calm? While we were waiting for our turn to start I came up to the spectators, signed their hands, posters, photos. Some snapshots for a keepsake. I nowhere  met such a positive and favor like in South America! Every small village, every crossroads – everything is flooded with people!

Andrey Cherednikov (pilot, crew #406): The first day, and we are the first at finish line…Though from the back side. Right at the start line the engine died and refused to start, the starter filed, simply the car rode rusty.   British, Hungarian crews, Artyom Varentsov tried to help us start, for what we are very thankfull to all of them, but the sand was very heavy, so no luck. All other people pretended not seeing us in the start gates – it’s Dakar! So we stayed for an hour and a half (!) just in front of the marshals’ tent right in the start gates till the trucks began to start, and our friends from France with their T4 truck turned our engine on. Then we passed the Prologue at one go. That is such an interesting and promising beginning. Tomorrow we’ll start I suppose somewhere at the tail end, even not in the “garnish” but in the “dressing” and we’ll try to make our way carefully through the multitude of participants somewhere up.

Vladimir Vasilyev and Boris Gadasin (together): We are very impressed by the start ceremony in Lima,  lots of spectators, everyone is well-wishing. People are like a standing wall along the road, about 20 km after the podium. The track of the 1st SS is perfect! We are satisfied with the results and will continue to perform our task. We drive calmly and wheeling into the race. Gaining experience.

Photo: Michael Lastochkin and www.dakar.com

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