G-Force Motorsport

G-Force Motorsport presents new weapon of future victories

Friday, 30 November 2012 22:19

Mk2 A new car will make its first appearance at the Russian and international race tracks in 2013. This is the new project by G-Force Motorsport – a rally-raid concept developed under the T1 regulations. The working title of the new vehicle is G-Force Proto Mk 2, however it is not an evolution of its predecessor, but a completely new design, prepared in accordance with the FIA technical requirements for 2012-2013.


There is almost no single part or detail taken from the renowned G-Force Proto model. Everything including suspension, engine, transmission, body design and ergonomics was created from scratch using the expertise and know-how of G-Force-Motorsport. Of course, we benchmarked the best examples of factory vehicles such as Volkswagen and Mitsubishi, but only in order to look at the successful conceptual solutions. The practical implementation is completely authentic.


proto evo mk2

Our previous model has proven that it can take on the best factory vehicles. The exterior design, however, was generally neglected. That is why we relied on the famous designer Viktor Puntus to draw the look of our new car, and he managed to design a dynamic, aggressive and eye-catching appearance for the car that is destined to win more cups and title for the G-Force Motorsport team. Thanks to Viktor's art creation not only will our cars look good in the results tables, but they will please the eyes of spectators and fans as well


In more details

More information is still to come, and it doesn't make sense to overload our readers with figures and technical specifications, especially since the approach to designing SuperProduction vehicles is strictly regulated. What we can confirm now is that we keep gasoline engine, but it will be a different unit to the one used in G-Force Proto. As in the predecessor, the new model's chassis is based on independent front suspension and rigid-axle suspension in the rear – it allows getting maximum stability from the car in off-road conditions. A lot of parts for the new car were created in cooperation with the partners of G-Force. For example, the shock absorbers were developed by Donerre exclusively for our model and are G-Force-branded. Our new car will be the first vehicle to test these dampers..

 What about G-Force Proto?

Our previous car is a design back from 2009, and its concept was in turn the development of an old Nissan project. We put many efforts into the fine-tuning of that vehicle, but presently the project is close to perfect, and there's no point in pursuing further modifications – it will be simply a waste of time and money. That is why we put ourselves an objective to develop a radically new vehicle, and that is what we spent almost one last year and a half on. In achieving this aim we tried to improve every detail and to design better arrangement of parts compared to the previous model.

When and where

The new car has been tested in road mode recently, and now we are preparing it for off-road tests. The beginning of next year is going to be busy with initial performance trials: we will be either driving on private tests or taking part in some rounds of the Russian rally-raid Championship and Cup, without any sport targets. The first competitive appearance is scheduled for the Silk Way 2013 marathon, where two cars of our new model will be driven by Boris Gadasin and Vladimir Vasiljev. We expect our new car to be able to fight for podium positions by the middle of next season.