G-Force Motorsport

Brief News of Leg 4

Wednesday, 06 April 2011 13:20

_014Leg 4 started with a well-established tradition of optimistic buoyancy in G-Force camp. However when we taking photos  at the special stage viewer's point wondering why Boris and Roman haven't passed us yet, we received a phonecall from Dan Schchemel, Boris's co-driver. He told us that they rolled the car off a dune. They were waiting for some help when they saw Roman Briskindov approaching and then jumping and halting all of a sudden. Turned out that Roman's landing wasn't too successful and he didn't feel well. The teams called a helicopter which took Roman to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed him wit a crack in tailbone and strongly recommended not to race for next few weeks. So Roman has finished the race while we'll see Boris at tomorrow's start!

Current leaders of the event are Peterhansel in the first,  Novitskiy i the second and  Schchlesser in the third place. Tomorrow's the last decisive day which will define the true sand masters.