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Baja Portalegre - SSS

Friday, 29 October 2010 18:46

IMG_9049The first Special Stage of Baja Portugal has concluded. The weather forecasts were proved right. Heavy shower started exactly minutes before the start. As a result almost  all leaders competed in their effort NOT to win the Super Special Stage as no one wanted to be the first at the muddy Special Stage tomorrow.



At that allmost all teams tried to demonstate that their time of the Super Special is tactical. So the spectators seen the few second stops, expressly slow starts and finishes as well as drivers waving to spectators our of the window. Boris Gadasin ha almost succeeded in his goals - he finished 4th instead of 5th or 6th.  



Filipe Campos was disapointed to see his result: "should've stopped for a couple seconds longer" :))) And Portuguese driver Miguel Barbosa won SSS with 5 min 37 sec. He gave us a pre-start interview commenting on some news about Baja Portalegre, which we will publish soon.


Our friends  Nuno Matos and Filipe Serra have a very confident leadership in the production class. The finished fifth oveall.

Tomorrow's forecast promises a rainy day so high speeds are not expected - especially for the races who are not using mud tyres. However the fight will be intense and wet slipperry route will complicate it even more. Leg 2 on Saturday has 2 Special Stages of 183 km and  216km which will become decisive for the Baja Cup 2010. You can monitor the results at the official website of the competition.

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