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Silk Way Rally. One day to the start

Thursday, 09 September 2010 21:16

silk_way_rally_map_2010Silk Way Rally held in Russia on September 11 - 18  is the next competition in G-Force team calendar. "The crews on board the cars and the trucks of this year’s race will drive from Saint-Petersburg to Sotchi, i.e. a route of nearly 4,000 km. This 8-day rally will take them through various types of terrain combining difficulties for drivers and navigators alike. The Silk Way Rally will definitely be a new resistance challenge in 2010. While discovering the landscapes of Northern Russia, the sandy massifs of Kalmykia or the Caucasian reliefs at the end of the rally, the crews will have to maintain a high level of performance during the whole race" - this is how the organisers present the event.

G-Force will participate in the race with the three crews and each of them has their own aims and goals for the competition. Boris Gadasin's crew has the task to test their car and see how strong rivals will they be against their rivals the Volkswagen team. He promises not to hold anything back and won't drive conservatively just to make the finish as the main aim is to prove the speed and capability of the G-Force Proto. The ambition of the second crew (Bogdan Novitskiy)  is to finish first after Volkswagen crews i.e. to try and become the best of the privateers. The third team - Alexey Sergeev and Alexey Korotayev are competing in the new-built G-Force Proto. They are new in rally-raids and they are willing to gain new experience in rally raids and obtain extensive racing experience.

Today  the participants passed through administrative checks and scruteneering. After the checks the organisers pubslished the starting list for tomorrow. There will be 43 cars and 16 trucks startiting tomorrow at the Palace square in the heart of Saint Petersburg. By decision of the organising committee Boris Gadasin and Bogdan novitskiy were classidfed as ASO priority drivers!

Let's root for the team!