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G-Force Wins Silk Way!

Thursday, 12 July 2012 20:29

2012_Gadasin_podium_Silkway Boris Gadasin won Silk Way Rally 2012 in overall classification!


First time in the history of Silk Way Rally Russian driver conquered the podium. Boris Gadasin and Dan Shchemel in self-built G-Force Proto fought through the final special stage and took the 1st place. Second and third places were taken by Balazs Szalay and Miroslav Zapletal.

Boris Gadasin: “This morning I had to stop to change a brake disk rotor… during the time we were repairing, about 20 minutes, no one passed us. We thought other drivers were having troubles and maybe we had a chance to win. When we started again, I gave it everything I could! I cannot compare this edition with the two preceding ones where I did not made it to the finish line. It was hard… and this is why I'm even happier with the results! 


It's the first time that I manage to get to the end of Silk Way Rally and it is hard to compare but I think this year was especially hard due to the weather conditions. Todays special stage seemed very difficult - maybe because of troubles with brakes, and having to drive with only  rear brakes. I am pleased that we won in such hard special stage. Otherwise, it seems rally organisation is improving and attracting more participants every year. Hope to come back next year and  defend my victory."


Congratulations to Boris and Dan Shchemel and to all G-Force team!